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   The Universities Network for Children in Armed Conflict, the international coalition of educational institutions dedicated to the protection of children before, during, and after armed conflict, expresses its strong and unequivocal condemnation of any and all human rights violations and international humanitarian law breaches perpetrated on the Israeli and Palestinian territories.

    We are deeply concerned about the devastating impact of this armed conflict on the lives of innocent civilians, particularly children, and the prospects for a peaceful future in the entire region.   

    We stand in solidarity with all those affected by this ongoing crisis and stress the shockingly high and growing number of children who have been injured or lost their lives during these hostilities or have suffered egregious violations of other fundamental rights to which they are entitled under international law.

   We emphasize that it is absolutely urgent for all relevant stakeholders to ensure respect for all applicable human rights laws and international humanitarian laws.     

    We want immediate and unimpeded access for humanitarian organizations so that they can provide much-needed aid, medical care, and support to those affected by the conflict. 

    The Universities Network for the Protection of Children in Armed Conflict calls on all local, national, regional, and international stakeholders to adopt all possible measures to stop the violence and to redouble their efforts to bring about a just and lasting peace that ensures the rights and dignity of all individuals, particularly children.


"The Impact of Armed Conflict on Children, Boys and Girls.Research and Study on the Legal and Social Aspects" - Rome, 10 Nov 2023
The event has been the occasion to present the results of the Project, carried out by UNETCHAC, in collaboration with the Istituto di studi politici “S. Pio V”, supported by Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale with the participation of Representatives of the Italian and International Institutions, UNETCHAC worldwide professors and researchers, NGOs representatives and the involvement of Italian students.The UNETCHAC International Award 2023 and the UNETCHAC scholarships 2023 delivery will conclude the Conference.
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The Universities Network for Children in Armed Conflict (UNETCHAC), launched in November 2020, represents the first International Academic Network with the aim to enhance the role of the Academic Community in the Protection of Children directly and indirectly involved in Armed Conflict.
Currently, the Network sees participation of more than 40 universities and research centers coming from different geographical areas such as Europe, Africa, Middle East and Americas. Some of these universities and research centers are located in conflict zones.
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The Network aims to promote analysis and research activities with a view to enhancing the social and legal protection of boy and girl children involved in armed conflict. The Network will also provide activities aimed at increasing the awareness of the spreading phenomenon of the consequences for children involved in armed conflict both when they are direct victims and also when they are affected indirectly by violations to their families and communities (i.e. early school leaving).

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The Conferences organized by the Network are specifically focused on the protection of girl children as affected by specific gender-based violations in armed conflict. The Conferences are organized with the aim to promote and increase a dialogue within the academic community both at the national and the international level, with a view to contributing to enhance the protection of girl children.

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More than 40 Universities and Research Centers of different countries from Europe, Middle East, Africa, North and Latin America have already joined the Network, and more will join.

If you are an Institution interested to be part of the Network, please write us with your proposals.

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