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What we do

The Universities Network for Children in Armed Conflict:








promotes analysis and research to enhance the social and legal protection of boy and girl children involved in armed conflict favoring a multidisciplinary approach that embraces different areas and issues related to this topic;
provides activities aimed at increasing the awareness of the spreading phenomenon of the consequences for children involved in armed conflict both when they are direct victims and also when they are affected indirectly by violations to them and to their families and communities.
fosters synergies and cooperation between the Universities the Universities and Research Centers participating in the Network's activities - some of them located in conflict zones - and other key actors (including institutions, international organizations, NGOs and civil society) by organizing, among others: international conferences, webinars, events and training programmes;
develops shared awareness-raising initiatives and joint work experiences, with a multilevel approach and in collaboration with various international institutions and organizations involved in the promotion and defense of the rights of children living in conflict zones;
organizes training courses, advanced courses and specialization programmes for students, researchers and professionals interested in acquiring greater knowledge on issues related to the protection of children in armed conflict;
elaborates in-depth material, thematic analysis and update documents;
publishes periodic reports and handbook series as tools for dissemination and study. 
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