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Advanced Training Course 2023




The Second Edition of our Advanced Course, "International Criminal Jurisdiction and Children in Armed Conflict", was launched on Thursday, 18 May, with the welcoming address by Ms Virginia Gamba, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict and the First Vice-President of the International Criminal Court_ICC  H.E. Judge Luz del Carmen

18 May - 28 July 2023

The Advanced Training Course organized by the Universities Network intends to develop the skills of legal professionals in the field of international justice on issues related to children affected by armed conflicts.
In the past decade alone, armed conflicts are estimated to have claimed the lives of over two million children and physically maimed six million more. Conflict deprives children of parents, care-givers, basic social services, health care and education. There are some twenty million displaced and refugee children, as well as one million orphans, while others are held hostage, abducted or trafficked. Thousands of boys and girls are used as soldiers in armed conflicts around the world.
Children have special short and long term post-conflict needs, such as for tracing of family members, redress and social reintegration, psycho-social rehabilitation programmes, participation in disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration programmes, as well as a quest for justice within transitional justice frameworks and at the national and international level. However, while increasing efforts are undertaken at the international level to address crimes against and affecting children’s, as well as the victimisation suffered, in many situations, there remains a climate of impunity for those committing crimes against children.
The Advanced Training Course aims at bringing conceptual clarity to the issue of children and justice in times of armed conflict by, analysing the evolution of the rights of children, the relevant legal provisions and the current status of the practice at the international level. The Course will focus on the phenomenon of children in armed conflict and present the legal basis for the protection of children in armed conflict in Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law and International Criminal Law. Specific attention will be given to the crimes committed against and affecting children, including sexual and gender-based crimes. The role of the International Criminal Court will be explored, namely in investigating and prosecuting crimes against and affecting children and the participation of victims in the proceedings; as well as the sociological and psychological approach to children affected by armed conflict and involved in criminal proceedings and their protection.
ENROLLMENT: Registration to the Course is open from 15 February 2023 until 10 May 2023.
A maximum of 30 candidates will be admitted to the Course.
FEES: 500 EUROS (incl.VAT) for all candidates.
Students coming from disadvantaged areas, will be entitled of discounted rates.
CREDITS: The Lawyers Bar of Rome will recognize 20 certified training credits for lawyers.
> DETAILED PROGRAM  (updated 24 May 2023)
Information and registration:
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