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10-21 June 2024

The Universities Network for Children in Armed Conflict proudly presents the third edition of its original online Advanced Training Course on International Criminal Jurisdictions and Children affected by armed conflict. Launched three years ago, this course has garnered acclaim for its innovative approach and impactful curriculum.

Distinguished international experts, professors, magistrates, and functionaries of the international justice system will actively participate, enriching the discourse with their vast experience and insights. Their involvement underscores the course's commitment to excellence and relevance in addressing contemporary challenges.

In recognition of academic merit and dedication, two scholarships will be awarded to the best students. Additionally, an internship opportunity at the Universities Network for Children in Armed Conflict and participation in a forthcoming publication await the recipients who distinguished during the course, further nurturing their scholarly endeavors.

Building upon the achievements of previous editions, the Advanced Course has been revamped into an intensive two-week training program. Delving into the multifaceted dimensions of children in armed conflict, the curriculum encompasses legal, sociological, and psychological perspectives. Special emphasis will be placed on understanding crimes perpetrated against children, including sexual and gender-based offenses, and assessing their profound impact on young lives.

The classes will blend theoretical insights with practical applications, fostering a holistic understanding of the subject matter. With participation from lecturers spanning diverse fields of expertise, the course promises a dynamic and enriching learning environment.

Mark your calendars for June 10th to 21st, 2024, as the Advanced Course unfolds online.

Detailed program information are available in this page, inviting scholars and practitioners alike to engage in this vital discourse.

ENROLLMENT: Registration to the Course is open from 1 April until 30 May 2024.
More details about the registration procedure can be found in the program.

FEES: 250 EUROS (incl.VAT) for all candidates.
Students coming from disadvantaged areas, will be entitled of discounted rates.



We are waiting for you!

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