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Laura Guercio

She is a Professor of “Sociology of Human Rights” and “International cooperation to development”, University of Perugia; Professor of “International Relations and Intelligence Systems” University Cusano.
She is a Member of the Council of the European Law Institute in Vienna; Expert of the Moscow Mechanism Osce, Consultant or Team Leader in International Projects and Missions in Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe (supported and carried out by the European Union; OSCE; Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Coordinator of the Universities Network for Children in Armed Conflict since its establishment . She was Italian Agent of the MB of the Eu Findamental Rights Agency and SG of the italian Inter ministerial committe.
Her area of research includes Human Rights, International Justice, Sociology of Human Rights, International Relations.
Author of articles and handbooks on sociological and international legal aspects on  women and children's rights; international relations and sociology of political systems.
She has received award Pareto for Research activity in the Sociology field (2021), Perugia; Award Victor Hugo for Human Rights (2017), Lecce; Award Youth For Human Rights (2017), New York.

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