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A concert on the theme "Safe Schools for Children in Armed Conflict" organized with CPM Music Institute, Milan.

The initiative is presented by Deputy Minister Sereni at the Fourth International Conference on the Safe Schools Declaration, on October 25th, 2021.


Rome / Abuja, 25 October 2021 - “I am happy to present this initiative; music is truly a powerful tool for conveying fundamental messages in a universal language; it also represents a vehicle to combat the violation and abuses of human rights, as well as to promote justice and peace”.
This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Marina Sereni on the occasion of the concert organized by Universities Network for Children in Armed Conflict (UNETCHAC) and CPM Music Institute of Milan, partner of the Network.
The initiative opens the Fourth International Conference on Safe Schools Declaration, hosted from 25 to 27 October by Nigeria (Abuja) together with Argentina, Norway, Spain, the African Union Commission and the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA).
"Universities and research centers - continues Sereni - can be essential to carry out positive and concrete actions aimed at protecting children living in situations of armed conflict."
The concert - introduced by Tarek Chazli, Chargé d'affaires at the Embassy of Italy in Nigeria - celebrates the sixth anniversary of the adoption of the Safe Schools Declaration, the only intergovernmental political commitment approved by 112 countries to protect students, teachers and schools in situations of conflict.
From 25 to 27 October, representatives of governments, institutions, international organizations, NGOs and civil society, meet in presence or in virtual mode to promote the objectives of the Declaration, working on the implementation of measures that guarantee all children of the world a safe school.
The Universities Network and CPM Music Institute project amplifies this commitment.
The protagonists of the concert are young people, those to whom to entrust a key role in cooperation and peace building.
In live transmission from the stage of the CPM Theater in Milan, musicians, teachers, students and graduates of the Institute will perform in concert. The live, which will officially open the conference, will specifically feature the performance of:
  • Sergio Iovino, UNETCHAC Artistic Director, author of the song "Let them play with their dreams", written and composed for the Network, accompanied by Tiziana Cotella on drums, Emilio Farì on percussion, Vittorio Romano on bass, Raffaele Barberio and Francesco Tagliaferri on guitar, Chiara De Rosa, Giulia Lazzerini, Mattia Algieri and Raffaella Zago on choirs; Sergio Iovino also interprets "Teach me to be happy”, a song dedicated to the Safe Schools Declaration and aimed at representing its values ​​and principles accompanied by Raffaele Barberio and Francesco Tagliaferri on guitars;
  • Paola "Dalai" Micieli, winner of the music competition, launched by CPM and UNETCHAC, evaluated by a Commission composed of representatives of MAECI, Universities Network, CPM and GCPEA, with the song "Silence in loud", accompanied by Tommaso Ferrarese, Roberto Gualdi on drums, Michele Boni on bouzouki, Vittorio Romano on bass, Antonio Cirigliano on guitar, Chiara De Rosa, Giulia Lazzerini, Mattia Algieri and Raffaella Zago on choirs;
  • Franco Mussida (Founder and President of the CPM Music Institute) with an unreleased track accompanied by Roberto Gualdi on drums, Paolo Costa on bass, Giovanni Boscariol on music keyboards, Federica Pellegrinelli on bouzouki, Pacho Rossi and Daniel Kollè on percussion, Marta Bonato and the company Turin theatrical house Casa Fools to the choirs.
As stated by prof. Laura Guercio, Member of the Coordination Committee of UNETCHAC: "The commitment of the Network continues to act as a multiplier of forces with 47 international partners including universities and research institutes working together to protect children in armed conflict, to guarantee them the right to live ".
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