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University of Genoa, 22-27 July 2024


The “Advanced Course on Mediation in International Conflict” is a Summer School designed to delve into the dynamics of international conflicts and to develop advanced skills in conducting mediation in the context of international organizations and bilateral diplomatic relations. Through an interdisciplinary approach, the course focuses on mediation in international conflicts and the post-conflict phase, inclusive participation of women and youth, protection of children in armed conflicts, and the role of new technologies in mediation processes.

The Summer School is organized by the University of Genoa (Department of Political and International Sciences) and is financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. The course is held with the cooperation of the Universities Network for Children in Armed Conflict.

When and How
Lectures and activities will be held in Italian and in English.
The course will run from Monday July 22nd, 2024 to Saturday July 27th, 2024.
It will include: 
-    three face-to-face lectures in the morning lasting one and a half hours each (9:00 – 13:30); 
-    tutorials, workshops, and practical case studies in the afternoon for a total duration of three hours (15:00 – 18:00). 
The last day (Saturday 27 July 2024) will run from 9:00 to 13:00.
The activities will include the final evaluation, a Roundtable with representatives from MAECI and the Final Diploma Ceremony.


Minimum requirements
The course aims to provide and consolidate advanced skills in order to create professional figures capable of being employed in international mediation, both during conflict and post-conflict peacemaking. 
Recipients are students and graduates of courses in Political Science, International and Diplomatic Sciences, Law, Psychology, Theories and Techniques of Interlingual Mediation, and Medicine.
A good knowledge of Italian and English is required.


Participation in the course is free of charge. Participants will take care of their own accomodation.

How to apply
A maximum of 20 people, selected on the basis of curriculum vitae, are expected to participate in the course.
How to apply will be announced soon on this webpage.


Structure and content (a detailed programme will be released soon)

MODULE 1 - Introduction to International Mediation (Monday, July 22, 2024)

MODULE 2 - Mediation in International Conflicts: Global Approaches, Tools and Perspectives. (Tuesday, July 23, 2024)

MODULE 3 - Post-conflict mediation for achieving lasting peace (Wednesday, July 24, 2024)

MODULE 4 - Mediation in international conflicts: participation of youth and women. Inclusive approaches. (Thursday, July 25, 2024)

MODULE 5 - Mediation and international norms on children in armed conflict. (Friday, 26 July 2024)

MODULE 6 - Concluding event on Challenges of mediation in the current context: problems and challenges (Saturday, July 27, 2024)

Scientific Committee
prof. Ilaria Queirolo; prof. Aristide Canepa; prof. Laura Carpaneto; prof. Francesco Pesce; prof. Stefano Dominelli; prof. Francesca Maoli

For any information on the Summer School, please contact
Please, take note that the instructions on how to apply to the Summer School have not been released yet and will be announced soon on the > SUMMER SCHOOL WEBPAGE >


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